LeeAnn Norgard is a potter and ceramic artist who creates both functional and sculptural pieces from medium fire clay.  


2000:      Graduate of The Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD):  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major   in Ceramic Arts with Distinction.

1989:      Graduate of The University of Calgary: Bachelor of Science in Geology. 


April,2013:      “Vessels, Pods, and Potential”, Solo show, Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art, 

July, 2013              Sooke Fine Art Show, Sooke B.C.

2012:    Salt Spring Centre School Art Exhibition and Lottery, SSI, B.C., fundraiser, four year participant.

2011:     “New Explorations” Salt Spring Island Potter’s Guild Exhibition, ArtSpring. 100 Jackson Ave, SSI                   

               Artist/Artisan participant for Summer Exhibition of work, Artcraft, Mahon Hall, SSI, B.C.

2007:      “Our Harbour”: Show of works, Salt Spring Island Potter’s Guild, Window Display

2006:      “The Young and the Restless”, Stage Gallery at Artcraft, Mahon Hall, SSI, B.C.

2005:       Artist/Artisan participant, Wintercraft , winter Exhibition of work, Artcraft, Mahon Hall, SSI, B.C.

2004:    “Four Years Later”, Graduating year group show, Webster Galleries, Calgary

2000:       “Small Clarity” Ceramic, Photography, Drawing Installation/Solo Show, Marion Nicoll Gallery, Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta. 

1999:       1000 Miles Apart Conference/Ceramic Show, Gallery 111, Fitzgerald Building, University of Manitoba

                Open House Show, Main Mall, Alberta College of Art and Design.

                Artwalk’99 Exhibition for the Marion Nicoll Gallery, Centre for the Performing Arts, Calgary, 

                “Virtues and Vices”: Silent Auction and Exhibition, Alberta College of Art and Design.

                 Third Annual Ceramic Mall Exhibition, ACAD

1998:        Second Annual Ceramic Mall Exhibition, ACAD

                  Annual Show and Sale, ACAD






Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art, Ganges, SSI, B.C., current

Waterfront Gallery, Ganges, Salt Spring Island, B.C. 2009-2012.  

Salt Spring Studio Tour: Tour of Island Studios, 2009-2012, current

Workshops and Seminars:

2010:    Sumi Von Dassow: Pit fired ceramics, Salt Spring Potter’s Guild

2009:    Artspring workshop: Thrown and Altered Forms

2000:   Visiting artist seminar, ACAD, Robert Archembeau, Ceramic Artist

             Vistiting artist seminar, ACAD, Joan Bruneau, Ceramic Artist

1999:    “1000 Miles Apart “ Ceramic Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba

              Visiting artist seminar, ACAD, Adrian Arleo, Ceramic Artist

              Summer Art Institute, ACAD, Julia Galloway, Cone 6 soda firing workshop, altered forms.

              Visiting Artist seminar, ACAD, Martin Tagseth, Ceramic Artist

1998:    Visiting Artist Seminar, ACAD, Paul Mathieu, Ceramic Artist

              Visiting Artist Seminar, ACAD, Katrina Rozman, Ceramic Artist

Awards/ Scholarships:

2000:     Nominee, Board of Governors Award, ACAD, based on CGPA and 

               artistic achievement.

1999:     Peggy Herr Summer Institute Ceramics Award, ACAD, based on merit of work